What Is A Transfer Bond?

A transfer bond is a bond written by a bail agent in one Florida county for a bail agent in a different part of the state. Why do these occur? Let’s say a Gainesville resident needs a bondsman because they have a son or daughter who has been arrested in Tallahassee. Rather than driving to Tallahassee to try to find a bail agent willing to write a bond for them, they may find it more convenient to deal with a local bail agent, especially since the family members are local and may own property and work in the Gainesville area.  The Gainesville bondsman will prepare all of the paperwork for the family to sign, and then will call have have a bondsman in Tallahassee prepare the bail bond and deliver it to the jail in Tallahassee. Can Roundtree Bonding get transfer bonds written? Yes, in just about every county in Florida. Just call us at 353/376-6645.