How Do You Find A Reliable Bail Bond Agent?

Look for an agent who works for an established bonding agency– one that has been writing bail bonds in the area for a while. Check with several criminal defense attorneys and ask them to recommend a bail agent. They have probably been working with bail agents for years, and they will know the good ones from the bad ones, the honest ones from the dishonest ones.

When Seeking A Bail Agent, Everyone Should Be Careful Of:

  1. Agents that get a client out, then look for any reason to return the client to jail, keeping all the money paid to them.
  2. Agents who don’t notify the client and his or her cosigner of all court dates.
  3. Representatives of fly-by-night bonding agencies–those that are here today, and may be gone tomorrow. The honest ones last a long time!
  4. New agencies, in general–those that may not be allowed by insurance companies to have a lot of outstanding bond liability.  Often they’re the ones that are looking for a way to take the bond money, return the client to jail, and revoke the bond.