How To Find Someone In Jail In Florida

After a friend or loved one is arrested in Florida, you may be asking yourself “where are they located in Florida?” This is our guide on how to find someone in jail in Florida.

You will find the following information and resources valuable in your effort to find someone in jail in the state of Florida. Asking these questions is both important and necessary in order to be successfully assisted by a bail bondsman in Florida. Before contacting a bail bondsman, you need to know the name of the person in jail, the jail location and name, the booking number, the charges, and as much other information as you can present. Below, we are going to walk through the best ways to find inmates in Florida.

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How Do I Find Out If Someone Is In Jail In Florida?

When trying to find someone in jail in Florida, turning to inmate search tools can be a quick way to find out if your friend, family or loved one has been arrested. You'll also be able to determine their bond status if it has been set. With these tools, you can find recent arrests in Florida as well as current jail locations for the inmates in Florida. If the inmate is outside of the Florida region, Federal searches can help to provide their new location.

Florida Inmate Prison Search

Florida Division of Library & Information Services: Florida County Jails

With the Florida County Jails directory, you can find information for searching each county jail in Florida. There are search sites for some, but others require phone calls in order to inquire about inmates. The sites that allow online inmate searching to provide information regarding the inmates in Florida and their recent arrests in Florida.

As well, booking numbers can be found through this search tool. Many of the inmate search pages work in the same way. The following video explains how to search for an inmate with the Gadsden County Inmate Search, but again, a majority of the online search tools for county jail searches work in the same way.

Florida Department of Corrections Inmate Population Information Search

With the Inmate Population Search, there is information regarding the inmates as well as images of the inmates that are currently incarcerated. With this search, you can look up the inmate name and find the location of the inmate as well as the DC number. To find an inmate, you can enter any information you have. The search can be performed with only a first or last name if necessary. The following video demonstrates how this search works.

This search allows you to distinguish whether or not a person is currently in jail. Once search results come through, you can select the number located in the left column to open the inmate’s incarceration history and photograph.

If no search results are found, the page will state “No Inmates Found”. If this occurs, consider searching with the all offenders records. This expresses if the individual is on probation or parole. If the inmate was released, information can be found with the Release Information Search. If you have further questions about the Florida prisons system and searching inmates, there is an FAQ page on the Florida Department of Corrections page. There are links to different sites in the event that you cannot locate an inmate through their website, as well as tips if you are having difficulty while searching.

For links to all of the Florida Department of Corrections search options, head to the Corrections Offender Network page.

Florida County Inmate Prison and Jail Search Directory

Florida County Jail Inmate Search

State and Federal Prison Inmate Search Sites

  • If you are searching for information regarding inmates in Florida State Prisons or inmates on felony probation in Florida, please visit the Florida State Department of Corrections Offender Search.