Lake City County Jail Inmate Search

When someone is arrested in Lake City, FL, the individual is taken into custody at the Sheriff's Office. This person is then taken to the Columbia County Jail and added to the Lake City Florida County Jail Inmate Search system.

Lake County Jail

At this point, once booked, your loved one will appear in the Lake City Florida County Jail Inmate Search. This is when they get a chance to become eligible for bail. Once eligible for bail, seeking a bonding agent is a great first step towards getting your friend or family member released from jail.

Getting a bail bond is way of promising an individual will go back to court for his/her trial. Bail bond agents can end up having your loved one released in a matter of hours. This is one of the quickest methods of getting your friend or family member out of jail. 

What to Know Before Talking to a Bail Bondsman in Lake City, Columbia County Florida:

In order to get through the bail bond process, it is important to take the following steps:

Step 1. Give our office a call and speak to our knowledge staff who can guide you through the process. On the phone, the bondsman will ask you for information from step 2 below. But first, you must call us to begin!

Step 2. Have information about the individual that has been arrested. You'll need to know the full namebond amount, and the county. Try to also have the individual's date of birth and booking number, if possible. This would be a huge benefit. You can find the booking number and information when viewing the Lake City Jail Inmate Search

Step 3. Bonding paperwork needs to be completed in order to get the individual out of jail as quickly as possible. Call and ask for our flexible payment options.

Lake City Florida County Jail Inmate Search

When searching for an inmate in the Columbia County Detention Facility, you can use the Lake City Florida County Jail Inmate Search. With this search tool, you can easily access inmate information necessary for informing the bail bond agent. This information includes charges and bond amount.

This search also provides mug shots, booking dates, cell assignments, and more. If you are unsure whether or not the individual has been released from jail already, the inmate search will let you know the status of the inmate (released or in jail) as well as the time of release when applicable.

Visiting an Inmate

Inmates will be able to list 4 visitors desired, and in order to visit the inmate, you must be on this list. This visitation list can only be altered at the beginning of each month, and so it is important to ensure the inmate lists you as a visitor if you are looking to see him/ order to visit with an inmate to discuss posting bail and moving forward, 24 hours are required for scheduling.

To schedule a visit, visitors need to head to Here, you register and schedule the visit. There is a cost associated with the visitation. Visits last for 2 hours.

Hours for Visitation are: 8:30 AM - 10:30 PM every day of the week‚Äč

How to Contact the Lake City Jail

Phone: 386-755-7000

Address: 389 N.W. Quinten Street, Lake City, FL 32055