How Do Bail Bonds Work In Florida?

Most of us have had a loved one arrested for one reason or another. Would such a moment leave you worried or unsure of what to do? I bet it would. All I know is that anyone in such a situation will want to ensure that his or her loved one does not spend the night in a cell.

When in such a situation, do not panic. I am here to take you through what you may need to know to help your loved one get out of the cell before nightfall.

How do bail bonds work in Florida

A bail bond is a written agreement signed by a defendant and a surety that the defendant will appear before a court of law when needed. A bondsman has to pay a fixed amount of money to serve as a surety.

Knowing how bail bonds work in Florida will help you to find reliable bond agents in case you have a loved one held within the state. Bail bond companies in Florida are bound by the state’s rules and regulations.

In Florida, the booking process lasts up to 3 hours after one is arrested. It is only after being booked that a defendant may be bailed out. To be released, a defendant or a representative will be required to either pay the bail bond fully in cash or through a bail bond agent.

The bail amount is set by the hearing court depending on the nature of the crime that the defendant is suspected of committing.

How does paying bail work

A bond serves as an assurance that the defendant will appear for a court hearing and is paid to the hearing court. The bail amount is refunded when the defendant appears in court on the day and time that a court order requires him.

If the accused does not appear in court, the bond amount is forfeited. The court will then issue a Capias and, where the defendant was bailed out by a bond agent, require the bond agent to pay the bail amount. The bond agent can sue the defendant to recover the losses.

How do bail Bondsman make Money

A bail bondsman helps his or her clients to meet the bond amount set by a court of law to secure an immediate release of a defendant. The bondsman makes money by charging a commission on the bond amount based on the rates stipulated by state laws.

How Do Bail Bondsman Get Paid

The bail bondsman’s surety company pays a bail bondsman according to the number and amount of bail bonds he or she signs. Thus, the more bond agreements a bondsman signs the higher the commission he or she will receive from a surety company.

How Much Does a Bail Bond Cost

Florida bond agents are required to charge a fee of up to 10 % of the bond amount. Subsequently, most bail bond agents will not agree to charge you less than 10% of your loved one’s bond amount.

The bond agents may also require a defendant or his or her family member to give them assets like a car to hold as security until he or she makes the full payment of the bond amount. Additionally, a bondsman may require the close relatives of a defendant to sign an agreement that, if the accused takes off, the signee will be liable for the loss incurred by the bond agent.

What do you need to bail someone out of jail

To help your loved one to be released from jail, you will need to produce your original identification card and pay the premium amount required to settle the bond. In case you do not have enough funds for a cash bond, you will be required to contact a bond agent who will help to make the full bond payment at a fee.

Bail bonds in Florida that do offer payment plans

Bail bonds in Florida may offer payment plans in cases where the bail amount is high. Before a defendant qualifies for a bail bond payment plan, a bond agent will have to evaluate his or her credit history to ascertain that he or she is capable of paying.

A credit evaluation also helps the agent to create a customized payment structure for each defendant. Some of the bail bonds in Florida that provide payment plans include;

  • Bail Florida
  • Brennan Bail Bonds
  • Make It Happen Bail Bonds

While the duration of a payment plan depends on the agent’s policies, it can cover up to 24 months. It is recommended that you always gather adequate information regarding payment plans before choosing any.

How to tell if you’ve found the right bail bondsman

Jails are not pleasant places for anyone to spend a night. Once you become aware that your loved one has been detained, arranging for his or her release is your immediate priority. To achieve this, it is crucial that you choose a reliable bail bondsman.

Some of the qualities that you should look for in a bail bondsman include;

  • Check if he or she is experienced on the legal system of your state.
  • Reputation: A good bail bondsman should have a good reputation. A good reputation implies that he or she has a high customer satisfaction score.
  • Check if the bondsman cares about your situation and whether he or she is ready to assist you with the entire legal process.
  • Availability: A good bondsman is always available whenever you need his or her services. A reliable bondsman should be operational for 24 hours every day of the week and should be accessible via telephone or email.

Can you bail someone out of jail on the weekend

Yes, it is possible for you to help someone out of jail on the weekend since the magistrate’s office should always be open.